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You've loved your vehicle for a number of years, and it's served you well for tens of thousands of miles. But the time may come when certain parts wear out and your trusty set of wheels requires a bit of TLC. Some maintenance bills can be challenging, either because they're extensive or they simply hit at a bad time. Those are the times when you could use a little help.

How Auto Service Financing Provides Financial Flexibility

Financing for automotive parts and service allows drivers to pay off their significant maintenance bills over time. Now, when you have your vehicle serviced at AutoFair Volkswagen, you may be able to spread the cost over time (up to one year) to make paying your bill more manageable. Anyone over 18 can apply (it takes just 30 seconds!), and most applicants are approved. Your APR will be based on a few factors such as your credit history and the specific terms for the state you live in.

Car repairs are one of life's not-so-pleasant surprises. But knowing you have the opportunity to pay them off over time can take a load off your mind. You can pay off your balance in 3, 6, or even 12 months, and you're always welcome to pay it off early. Some of the vehicle repair and parts replacement services eligible for financing include:

  • Engine work and oil leaks/head gasket replacement
  • New tires - winter/summer/all-season
  • Transmission/clutch repair/replacement
  • Suspension maintenance
  • Brake jobs
  • Air-conditioning or heating failure

Automotive service financing leaves you more funds to pay other bills and keep some breathing room in your checkbook. Just about any vehicle repair up to $6,000 that you can't handle in one payment may be financed over time. Have questions? We'll be happy to answer them! Call us today or apply online.