Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles sold at the respective AutoFair dealership are eligible for this program.  Return the vehicle within 5-Days or 200-miles of purchase and get your money back in full. You may exchange your newly purchased vehicle for another in-stock vehicle within 30-Days or 1,500 miles of purchase. You're responsible for any pricing and option differences on exchanged vehicles. A vehicle returned/exchanged under this program must be inspected by the General Sales Manager of the AutoFair dealership, which the vehicle was originally purchased. The returned vehicle must be in its original condition and free of any exterior or interior modifications by the original purchaser. Original documentation including vehicle registration, license and delivery paperwork is required. The returned vehicle will be inspected for excessive wear and tear and/or any damages that may have occurred. If a non-warrantied repair has been performed on the vehicle to be returned or if repairs amounting to $200 or more are needed, the vehicle may be ineligible for the program. If a refund is requested within 5 days, any state or federal fees and or taxes cannot be refunded but the customer may be entitled to abatement.